" The Right Attitude, always leads to Success "

" The Right Attitude, always leads to Success "



 Of the twelve spies to explore Canaan, only Joshua and Caleb believed that the Israelites could take the land, Joshua I urge people to go and the conquered.

        Numbers 14:6-9;

 I. - The importance of attitude:
You need to change attitudes, to change their behavior. What is attitude? It is an inner feeling expressed in behavior, and this can be seen without saying a word, is the main force that determines whether we succeed or fail, tell us what we expect from life when his attitude toward others is excellent, you will get excellent results.
In Philippians 4:4-12, the Apostle gives the example of a positive attitude to a chaotic situation, this shows that change the conditions going to be difficult, but if we change our attitude, everything changed around us. It is said that there were two prisoners sentenced to life imprisonment, while those in the same dungeon and seeing a day in the same window you saw: Mud and the other saw stars. We also found another lesson about attitude and this is one day a company engaged in the manufacture of shoes sent two people to explore the market to a town in Africa and to get one of them to see that everyone was barefoot and was disappointed decided to abandon the mission justified it was impossible to open the shoe market because no one wore shoes, but the other with a positive attitude was not a problem but an opportunity wrote to the company that sent him saying: I have come to the right place just a matter of time because when I will convince all people to wear shoes millionaires because we will all going to need and therefore we are going to sell.

Most projects fail or succeed before, the difference between obstacle and opportunity is only going to be our attitude in the way we see the cosas.No peacetime or wait for better times (in any area) to develop, plan or cheer because no society has achieved success and has developed tough men in peacetime. Remember the kite rises against the wind, the biggest obstacle for the Eagles reach the wind is high, but the wind at a time becomes your worst enemy and when they managed to overcome with this attitude then turns on him best friend.


When God wants to be a man not sent to the school of grace, but to school difficulties. A good example is the formation of Moses in the desert. Thomas Edison said, there are many more opportunities, people to see them. Maintaining the right attitude will lead to success.


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