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   In good times .. We welcome you, and hope you will be built on the site.

In order to bless all lives, come visit us. For we have taken on the task of creating this site, that carries power as an input to the Kingdom of Jesus Christ in High ..

ACROSS the World, be the revelation of the eternal truths of God, and for them we truly intend to use the appropriate tools that have come into our hands. Gradually you will discover that we have received God's Gift To The Nations ..

The materials, written, as well as our brochures, among others, are to show the great truths of the Bible .. and how they benefit us for what we have been as beloved children of God .. in your Eternal Kingdom. You'll find news, our events .. comings and everything related to the ministry, that we are stewards for our Governor and Lord.

>That all Seas are Highly Blessed in Christ.<

-Bismarck & Elvira Morales.


-Apostle and Prophet

*Global Network of the Kingdom of God.

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Isaiah 45:10
  I will go before you, and straighten the crooked places, will break the doors of bronze and iron bars I will smash, And I will give you the hidden treasures and secret places, so you know that I am the LORD, the God of Israel, I put that name.


God Bless



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The Nations

10/12/2012 01:36
Ask and you give the nations as Thine possession The Ends of the Earth. Psalm 2.

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02/22/2011 20:47
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Website launched

02/22/2011 20:46
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